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Nurtured Birth
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Sarah Goldberg

Sarah Goldberg – About Me

I began my training in 1999 and I studied in a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, relaxation massage, traditional Thai massage and Ayurvedic massages. As a certified massage therapist I have more recently specialised in pregnancy massage with Pregnancy Massage Australia and Jenny Blyth from Birth Work’s course in: ‘creative ways of making space for the baby’. 

My background is in meditation, holistic healing, massage, body awareness, Reiki and mindfulness which I integrated along the way through my extensive travels and experiences over 15 years living and working through India, Thailand, Japan, South America, Peru, Spain, Europe, Scandinavia and Israel.

In 2006 after all the traveling and exposure to amazing people and experiences, I settled down and became a mother to my beautiful boy who was born at home in the mountains of Peru. During my 5 years living in Peru I have had the privilege to be exposed to ancient birthing traditions and holistic wisdom. My son’s birth was one of the most challenging and exposing experiences of my life. Bringing him into the world showed me the depths of who I am and the challenges that birth and early mothering bring. I have journeyed with difficult times postnatally which in turn has enabled me to share this empathy in my work.

TigersAfter 15 years of living abroad I returned to Melbourne with the intention to study midwifery. However, thankfully found my way to Rhea Dempsey Birth Attendant training and thought that was a good place for me to begin. I soon discovered that my desire to work with birth was wholly satisfied with being a doula. Soon after my doula training I went onto completing my Childbirth Education Teacher Training at the Royal Woman’s Hospital.

In 2012 I became the Volunteer coordinator for Maternity Coalitions Movie nights in Elwood where I screen educational documentary films on childbirth and beyond. Guest speakers from our local community are invited to join us and share their extensive knowledge and experiences. These events fulfill my great desire to improve easily accessible education around childbearing issues which are current and relevant in our Australian States.

I love being able to combine my body work skills (massage, rebozo, body mindfulness, meditation, reiki, ayurvedic understanding) along with my knowledge of birth to fully support and enhance birthing women.

About Me

“Sarah Goldberg of Nurtured Birth is a passionate believer in the possibility of empowering birth experiences. She is drawn by the age-old hearts calling to support pregnant and birthing women, their babies and families. She has a wide experience of birth, both in different cultures and now in Melbourne’s hospitals as well as home settings. She has an understanding of birth and the present birth culture; a capacity to gently guide women into their power; a warm, generous and nurturing presence and strong, sure, skilled hands to soothe and nurture through pregnancy and during birth. Women and their families will delight in their experience with her.” — Rhea Dempsey,  Oct 2013

Lisa Reti-Waks

Lisa Reti-Waks – About Me


Lisa is a wife and mother of two beautiful boys Noam and Osher. She is also a part-time midwife and has been a nurse at the Royal Woman’s Hospital since 2003. For Nurtured Birth, Lisa will be exclusively practicing pregnancy and post natal massage plus general relaxation massage for both men and woman. Lisa is extremely passionate about providing holistic care to women and their families through their journey of pregnancy, birth and early parenting. She completed her Certificate IV in Massage Therapy in 2009 at Melbourne’s Southern School of Natural Therapies, specialising in relaxation massage and more specifically pregnancy massage. She has also attended Jenny Blyth Creating Space workshop in 2009 and participated as a pregnant consumer in Rhea Dempsey’s workshop. In the past Lisa worked in health and wellbeing retreats and hotels in New South Wales and Queensland and also in an exclusive drug and alcohol Rehabilitation as a massage therapist. 


Lisa is really looking forward to starting her new venture as one of the massage therapists at Nurtured Birth. With her midwifery knowledge she looks forward to bringing confidence and empowerment to women through their pregnancy and beyond.


Lisa will be available for massage appointments on Tuesday nights and Friday mornings.


To make a time please call 0401 083 778.