Be the best birth partner

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Be The Best Birth Partner Workshop

Being a birth partner is more than holding her hand and watching your baby being born. It’s about knowing when to step up and when to hold her space. Reaching your full potential as a birth partner is possible when you’re confident and prepared.

Sarah leads a dynamic and hilariously funny session that looks at why being the best birth partner matters and how to achieve it. Everyone leaves feeling excited and looking forward to this epic life event.

This workshop doesn’t replace childbirth education. Instead, it builds onto the knowledge base you already have and opens you up to the role of birth partner and its full potential.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Bodywork and support during labour
  • Things to say and things not to say while your partner is giving birth
  • Understanding how to protect the birth space
  • Connecting with your partner as a team.

Partners keen to take their support role to the next level can contact us for more information.