Choosing Maternity Care In Melbourne

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Choosing Maternity Care In Melbourne

The type of maternity care you choose during pregnancy has a huge influence on your birth experience. Choosing the right care provider means looking at the birth you envisage for yourself and finding the right people and setting to support you in achieving a positive, healthy, well supported and nurtured birth.

Choosing a care provider is one of the most important decisions you will make about your pregnancy and birth. Your provider and place of birth will influence your pregnancy care, your options during labour, and the outcome of your birth.

So it’s vital to make the optimal choice as early as possible with the best available information. Nurtured Birth can help you work out what options are available to you.

Choosing Maternity Care In Melbourne sessions involves:

  • Exploring all maternity care options available to you (public and private hospitals, independent midwifery care, shared care with a GP, and obstetric care)
  • Finding out what kind of birth you desire and what that looks like
  • Exploring all the options we’ve seen can enhance your pregnancy
  • Discussing options for support and care after you give birth.

For information about prices and length of class please visit this page.

To be more informed about your care provider options please contact us or book online.