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Birth Doula Melbourne

A positive birth experience eases your transition to motherhood and supports your entire family. At the heart of Sarah’s role as a doula is meeting you wherever you are. This means supporting, encouraging, cheerleading, holding space … however that looks for your family. Birth can be overwhelming. Having someone sensitive to your needs to accompany you eases the journey.

Nurtured Birth’s doula Sarah is passionate about developing a warm relationship with you and your partner during pregnancy. Her aim is to assist you both on the journey into parenthood so you feel strong and positive as you navigate this next chapter of your lives.

Sarah’s role as a doula has seen her work within the full range of birthing environments. She’s accustomed to working alongside medical and midwifery staff at hospitals, birth centres, and at home births. Wherever you choose to birth your baby, Sarah will accompany you and your partner to navigate the process, offering physical and emotional support at all times.

Sarah has a wealth of experience supporting families preparing for a natural birth, a birth with pain relief, scheduled caesarean section, high risk, VBAC, previous birth trauma, antenatal and postnatal depression or anxiety, and survivors of sexual violence.

Sarah listens to your needs, offers evidence-based information as you explore your birth preferences, and respects your choices without judgment. She will take you through ways to manage and work with your functioning, labouring body, guiding your partner to feel confident and capable in supporting you.

The warm relationship that develops through your pregnancy allows Sarah to learn what makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. She can then offer support and techniques intuitively during labour to best help you and your partner. Sarah is familiar with supporting those who wish to use Hypnobirth and Calmbirth techniques.

Sarah complements your birth support team, providing a welcome extra pair of hands and guidance to help with whatever practicalities are required at the time. Sarah believes apart from the birthing woman, her birth partner is the most important person in the room. The love, support and connection of a birth partner is powerful, inspiring Sarah to create space for that to come together.

Sarah is very experienced in working collaboratively with doctors, midwives and other maternity care providers. This is vital in creating a harmonious and cohesive support network around you. Sarah wants to ensure you are heard and your wishes are respected. She can facilitate communication between you and your care providers. She will remind you of your goals in order to help you achieve the birth experience you have envisioned for yourself and navigate the unexpected if it arises.

Sarah will make every effort to ensure you welcome your baby into a peaceful environment. She will stay with you until after your baby is born, maintaining a safe and undisturbed space for you to bond, supporting you through the first breastfeed, helping you with physical comfort measures and ensuring you are settled and comfortable before she leaves.

Birth doula services include:

  • Minimum of two prenatal meetings, which includes birth education and assistance in creating birth preferences
  • Phone support as needed throughout pregnancy
  • On-call status 24 hours a day
  • Evidence-based information for you to research so you can make informed decisions about your care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • Labour support at your home or hospital as required, or requested
  • Continuous support once active labour has begun and up to an hour after birth
  • Non-medical comfort measures such as position changes, relaxation, massage and other techniques for pain management during labour
  • Maintain a calm and peaceful birth environment as allowed by medical staff
  • In the rare event Sarah is attending another birth or unwell, she will organise a back-up doula to attend until she can arrive
  • One postnatal follow up, usually occurring within the first seven days after the birth. This is to see how you are going, discuss any concerns you have, to review your birth.

Postnatal Follow Up

Every woman’s experience of birth is very different and unique. Some women need less support and some women require more after birth.

To meet your needs, we now have a team of postnatal doulas and midwives that can attend to you.

Birth Support Prices

If you’re unsure what you need, please get in touch and we will be happy to explore options with you.

But just so you have an idea, here’s what doula birth support can look like:

  • Birth doula support – $2500 plus GST
  • Birth doula support for single mothers – $3510 inc GST. This includes two experienced doulas

If you want a supportive and nurturing birth experience please contact Sarah to discuss how she can support you.