What Is A Doula?



What Is A Doula?

The word doula was virtually unheard of a decade ago. Yet doulas have been present at birth since the beginning of humankind. Traditionally, a doula is a woman who offers support to birthing women. In many cultures around the world, this can be a mother, sister or aunt, neighbour or wise woman with lots of birth experience.

Today, a doula is a trained birth companion who offers non-medical support through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. This is called continuity of care, and research has shown doula support has many positive benefits for women, their babies and their families:

  • 50% less likely to have a caesarean
  • 25% more likely to have a easier, shorter labour
  • 60% less likely to ask for an epidural
  • 40% reduction in forceps use
  • Mothers are more satisfied with their birth experience
  • Improved breastfeeding rates
  • Less likely to experience postnatal depression
  • Better mother-infant bonding.

During pregnancy and birth, a doula offers knowledge, emotional and physical support as you navigate the pathway to the birth you hope for, in whatever form that takes.

Her role is to support you and your partner to be excited and confident about the birth of your baby.

A positive birth experience supports the transition to motherhood and supports the entire family.