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Being prepared, informed and confident can have a huge impact on how your birth unfolds as well as your onward journey into parenthood. Childbirth education is an important tool to help you navigate what you want and how to achieve it. Nurtured Birth offers private classes and group classes throughout the year.

Being uncertain about what sort of birth you want or being unsure about what to expect, or perhaps fearful of pain of labour can lead you to feel very fearful about birth. Not all births go to plan but having the confidence to make informed choices and the skills to cope during labour can make the experience a positive one, regardless of how birth looks for you.

Nurtured Birth is excited to be preparing to launch a revised Birth, Breastfeeding + Bonding  essentials workshops from July 2022. Sarah Goldberg in collaboration with Jess Belobrov have united their magnificent forces to enrich, empower and educate expecting parent/s about this most precious chapter of their lives.

This essentials workshop is ideal for parent/s who desire to have a deeper understanding about how to work with and optimise their birth and breastfeeding journey.

We envision that you and your birthing partner walk away feeling confident, knowledgeable and able to implement these strategies to create a satisfying birth and breastfeeding experience.

Please note: this workshop is geared towards those who are intending to birth vaginally and are curious about how to work with the labour. We will touch on and provide information about pain relief,  as pain relief does have its rightful place in some births. However we are more focused on how to work with what nature has intended for us.

Topics covered include:

  • What happens in labour and birth
  • Coping with labour, pain relief and relaxation techniques
  • Partner support strategies to create a joyful experience for you and your partner, increasing feelings of safety and trust that enables you to work with your labour
  • Managing labour naturally with an extensive range of strategies and an understanding of how you personally respond to the intensity of birth
  • Navigating the hospital system and its policies to your greatest advantage
  • Decisions around interventions and drugs for pain relief
  • Discussing the importance of support that optimises a healthy, positive birth experience and journey into early parenthood
  • Discuss the importance of a birth plan/preferences
  • What to expect in the first few days with your baby.
  • Breastfeeding and bonding.

Private classes: If you prefer to not attend a group session we can arrange a private class for you and your birth support partner.  At a time that is convenient for all.

Best time to book a class: The best time to experience these education classes is from 27 weeks.


  • Private classes with Sarah Goldberg only is $450+gst. (3 hours).
  • Private Breastfeeding with Jess Belobrov enquire here.
  • Group classes (Small group max 8 couples) will be $450 + GST (6 hours).

To begin preparing for a positive birth experience, pleased check below for our upcoming Childbirth Education Group Classes. If you would like to organise a private class, please contact us

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Childbirth Education Group Classes

Online group Childbirth Education Classes for 2022 with Sarah Goldberg will soon be available to book. Limited to only six couples, these classes are an intimate group class to prepare you and your birthing partner for labour and birth. 

Dates:  TBA
Place:  Online
Cost:    $400+ gst per couple 

To register for the next Group Childbirth Education Group Class, click on the start date below in the calendar, or follow the links below