Postnatal Doula Services

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Postnatal Doula Melbourne

Having a new baby is exciting but it’s also a big transition. You’re recovering from pregnancy and birth, while coping with the demands a newborn brings. Our modern society views rest after birth as a luxury. All the focus is on the new baby, leaving you to cope as best you can. This is when a postnatal doula can ease your journey into new motherhood. 

Support after birth is essential to your physical and emotional wellbeing. In many cultures around the world, a ‘babymoon’ period is imposed when a new mother is nourished and cared for by her family. Her focus is to recover from pregnancy, birth and bond with her baby. This is the ultimate form of self-care and the benefits extend to the wellbeing of her baby and her family.

At Nurtured Birth, we believe all new mums should be supported to rest after birth. New parenthood can be hard enough with the added pressures and demands of recovery, birth trauma, anxiety or depression.

Nurtured Birth’s postnatal doulas offer emotional and physical support, as well as knowledge to ensure new parents are held and heard. Our postnatal doulas offer valuable support to new families, when and how you need it most.

While you look after your new baby, we look after you.

This might mean assisting you to access support and resources for breastfeeding, sleep, baby care or counselling. Our postnatal doulas will listen and support you to debrief your birth experience, so you feel heard and gain closure.

Postnatal doula support can be an ongoing service for mothers who are finding it difficult transitioning into parenting. This can range from one session a week to multiple sessions a week for as long as you need extra support.

Nurtured Birth cares about you through all stages of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Women who are on bedrest or having high-risk pregnancies may need ongoing emotional and physical support until and after their baby is born.

Postnatal doula services offered:

  • Caring for baby so you can get some sleep
  • Newborn care, assisting with bathing, feeding time and changing nappies etc
  • Assist with debriefing your birth story and providing emotional support as needed
  • Assistance with bonding with your newborn, which includes partners
  • Supporting you to trust your intuition
  • Support with discovering your own parenting philosophy
  • Sibling support, ways to include siblings/help them transition
  • Prepare basic nutritious food for the family
  • Light domestic tasks.

For information about prices and length of treatment please visit this page.

To find out how our postnatal doula can surround you with support and nurture, please contact us.