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Mindfulness for Professionals in Melbourne

“When we are more mindful we communicate better and with better communication we establish better connection and with better connection we enhance a better experience for the mother, the father and of course the whole team” – Sarah Goldberg (Director of Nurtured Birth)

Mindfulness is the act of bringing one’s attention to what is happening in the present moment. This process can be developed through the practice of meditation. With a regular practice of mindfulness the state of mind improves ones overall wellbeing. It has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, stress, burnout, mental, physical illnesses and drastically improve ones quality of life.

“We now know that how we choose to pay attention can actually change the underlying structure of the brain, leading to improvement in the function associated with that region” – Dr Elise Biaylew (Founder of Mindful in May)

Being in the best frame of mind and health allows staff to provide compassionate care, bringing them to more meaningful connections with each person they are supporting.

Pregnancy and birth is one of the most exciting, challenging and significant life events for women and their families. A woman’s mental health during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal time are of critical importance for the wellbeing of the mother, her and baby and the rest of the family.

Can mindfulness improve birth and parenting outcomes? Absolutely!!

Being cared for by staff who embrace mindfulness as part of their practice can have a profound impact on mothers experiencing anxiety, stress, fear of birth and anxiousness around being a new mum. Mindfulness is capable of improving birth outcomes and ensuring women have a more positive experience, regardless of what their birth looks like.

We recently ran a trial of mindfulness sessions at Cabrini Hospital. Their attendance and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, leading to more regular sessions being provided for the midwives, doctors and other members of staff.

Mindfulness In Your Hospital

The mindfulness sessions have shown us how deeply this connection is needed and how profoundly it can positively improve workplace environment, staff relationships and connection with patients.

These guided meditations and mindfulness sessions are a service that can be offered at any hospital or workplace in Melbourne. To discuss this happening at your workplace or to organise a discussion with staff about the benefits of mindfulness, please contact us.