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Meditation is a brain workout! Just as you go to the gym to strengthen your muscles, mindfulness and meditation trains and sharpens your awareness to observe without judgment. The aim is to improve and develop a healthier sense of perspective which ultimately enhances ones overall mental health. During pregnancy you have to cope with many emotional and physical changes which can be really challenging at times. Meditation during pregnancy enriches and nourishes mamas-to-be and their connection to their unborn child. Regular practice enhances the feel good hormones and familiarises you with your inner tranquillity.    


Due to Covid-19 Stage 4 lockdown restrictions in place Sarah has extended the  weekly meditation sessions until 25th of October 2020.

Day:   Sunday’s
Time:   10am till 10:30am
Place:    Online



On Sunday the 13th of September part of the Free Pregnancy Meditation sessions during lockdown, the wise and passionate Rhea Demspsey Author of ‘Birth with Confidence’ and ‘Beyond the Birth Plan’ will be joining us for an extended 1 hour special session. Click the link above to join us. If you would like a copy of either of Rhea’s books head over to our shop. 

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  • Birth With Confidence – Rhea Dempsey

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Previous experience with meditation is not necessary at all, just showing up as you are is perfect and we all go from there. Sarah and guests will lead you to focus on the power of the breath and connection to self, to slow down and to use this potency in your daily life and also to birth.

Meditation is an ancient tradition of thought awareness allowing the mind to reach a peaceful and focused state. It has been practiced in many cultures over thousands of years. There are many benefits to a regular meditative practice and these are particularly valuable during pregnancy.

It is never too late to start meditating. Every moment is a new opportunity to give it a go. During pregnancy, your body is flooded with changing levels of hormones, for some it may lead to fatigue, mood swings, nausea and perhaps anxiety. Mamas-to-be don’t glow constantly throughout pregnancy – they may have worries about the comingchanges to their lives or giving birth.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool which develops compassion, tolerance, patience and acceptance.  It can be profoundly life changing.  Apart from pregnancy having it’s challenges it is an exciting time. A time of joy and celebrating life and getting ready for what is to come, so taking time to deeply foster the connection to self and use this potency to slow right down, reducing the stress of daily life and boost all those feel good hormones is a precious gift to oneself and your unborn child.

Stress during pregnancy, particularly in the last trimester, has the potential to affect your baby’s development and temperament after birth.

Avoiding stress is challenging in today’s fast paced society and during times of COVID-19 isolation. Regular Meditation and Mindfulness practices has the potential to rewire structures of the brain, resulting in improved function related with that area of the brain. Therefore changing emotional response habits and developing better ways of manage stress and overwhelm.

“When we are more mindful we communicate better and with better communication we establish better connection and with better connection we enhance our experience” – Sarah Goldberg

Meditation can assist woman when it her time to birth. Whether the birth is natural, a caesarean birth or an induced birth she can take the tool everywhere with her as it is established within. A known place,  an internal sanctuary of familiar tranquillity. As a carer for woman who birth, we want for her to be as calm and relaxed as possible as we know this supports the wellbeing of both mother and child.

Meditating with others creates a powerful shared energy that supports the individual’s ability to focus on the power of the breath and connection to self. As you create that connection with your body, you dive deep into the bond with your baby.

“There is a synergy which is created when people meditate together. The healing power that is cultivated in a group meditation is far more effective than meditating alone. Also, there are studies that prove the existence of a ripple effect of peace in the surrounding environment when a group meditates together.” – Samvedna Meditation Centre