Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For Pregnant Mums

Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas For Pregnant Mums

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year we go above and beyond to show our special someone how much we care about them. For many couples, it’s really special – and even more so when you’re expecting a baby! 

It’s easy for all the focus to be on the baby during pregnancy, so it’s important to show your partner you cherish her for the amazing person she is and remember why you fell in love with her in the first place. 

There are many questions about the origins of Valentine’s Day. Some suggest a festival of Ancient Rome called Lupercalia celebrating the coming of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Others believe it’s named after a number of Christian martyrs.

It wasn’t until the 14th century that Valentine’s Day was celebrated as a day for romance and lovers. And the angst of what to surprise your beloved with as a gift has probably not changed!

To help out, we’ve put together this list of best Valentine’s Day gifts for pregnant mums, to surprise and delight your partner. 

Maternity pillow

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for everyone, whether you’re pregnant or not. But it’s not that easy for your pregnant partner to get proper rest because finding a comfortable position is challenging. 

A pregnancy or maternity pillow is giving her the gift of restful nights, which will help her to feel good during the days too. The pillow can be used long after she’s pregnant too, which shows how much you care. 

Nurtured Birth knows exactly how important a restful sleep is to pregnant women, which is why we stock the Dentons Pregnancy Pillow as we believe it’s the best in supporting a good night’s sleep. 

Prenatal massage

There’s something very special about spoiling your partner with some time on the massage table. 

Pregnancy is exciting, but all those changes can mean she’s not as comfortable, both physically and emotionally.

Massage therapy provides a nurturing space where your partner is the focus – and all the tension in her muscles and any stresses melt away. Massage during pregnancy enhances mood, reduces pain and swelling, and can have a positive impact on her birth experience. 

Surprise your pregnant partner with a luxurious Valentine’s Day massage by booking a session with Nurtured Birth’s certified prenatal massage therapists, who are specially trained to address pregnancy needs. 

Maternity photoshoot

Memorialise this special time in your lives and organise a professional maternity photoshoot for your partner. 

Not only will you look back and remember this Valentine’s Day forever, your partner will remember feeling beautiful and special, which she is! 

If the photographer you hire doesn’t organise this, book a hair and make up stylist too, to really make your partner feel pampered and amazing. 

Maternity underwear

As your partner’s body changes, you might notice she starts to feel unattractive, frumpy and ugly. It really is a challenge at times to feel that pregnancy glow. 

Make your pregnant partner feel as beautiful as you see her with a gift of gorgeous maternity underwear. Choose colours and fabrics that will make her feel special when she wears them. 

If lingerie isn’t her thing, maybe pajamas or a robe that she can wear after she gives birth as well. Look for luxe, breathable fabrics that will feel good next to her skin. 

Hire a cleaner 

Perhaps this seems like a very unromantic idea but we promise, giving your pregnant partner the gift of a clean home she hasn’t had to lift a finger to tidy herself will make her day! 

Make it special by organising the cleaner to come while you whisk your partner off and spoil her with delicious food, a movie or even a night away. 

Imagine her surprise and joy when she gets home to a clean house! Top it off with a vase of beautiful flowers and a gift certificate for another clean in the future when she needs some me-time. 

Spa day 

Go all out and surprise your pregnant partner with a day spa package, including pregnancy safe treatments such as a facial, manicure and pedicure.

Remember to tell the spa company your partner is pregnant, so avoid treatments that could raise her body temperature with excess heat such as saunas or body wraps. 

At home spa day

If your pregnant partner isn’t up for leaving the house, why not bring a day spa to her. There’s nothing like getting a personally curated gift pack of your favourite things, such as bath salts, gorgeous candles and some yummy nibbles. 

Transform your bathroom into a beautiful relaxing space, with scented candles and lush towels ready. Include a bath caddy brimming with her favourite nibbles and reading material, salts and dried flower petals to be added to the bath water.

Afterwards, continue the at home spa treatment with a loving massage using pregnancy friendly essential oils, and a mini pedi. 

A pamper pack can include whatever your partner loves, such as essential oils or candles for burning, salts for a foot soak or bath, a gorgeous heat pack, her favourite brand of moisturiser and some lovely chocolates. Include a gift voucher for a facial or pedicure and make her feel pampered and special.

Heat pack

There’s no denying pregnancy brings with it many types of aches, pains and muscle spasms as the body changes in order to grow another human being! One of the best ways to ease these aches and pains is to use heat on the area.

Heat therapy increases blood flow which brings oxygen and nutrients to the areas that are sore and painful. It’s a soothing way to ease pain and bring comfort to joints, muscles and ligaments in areas of your partner’s body that need it. 

There are some absolutely beautifully designed and scented heat packs on the market these days. Not only does a heat pack help ease those sore muscles and joints your pregnant partner feels at the end of the day, if it’s gorgeous as well, it will lift her mood thinking about how you care for her wellbeing. 

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