Traditional care for the modern mother in her first forty days. By The Golden Month

The Golden Month

Traditional care for the modern mother in her first forty days.

Around the world, in many traditional cultures, the first 4-6 weeks after giving birth is known as the golden month – the time for a mother to rest and replenish. 

This is the postpartum or postnatal period, when her body recovers from pregnancy and birth and she adjusts to motherhood in all its rewarding and challenging phases. 

The golden month is a time to make the new mother the focus, ensuring the key ingredients of care include rest, nourishment, treatments that promote healing, and strong support. 

Nurtured Birth believes in the power of support and nourishment to aid a new mother’s transition into this new phase of her life. Which is why we are excited to team up with The Golden Month, who offer a holistic in-home postpartum service, as well as nourishing products to promote rest and healing for new mothers. 

A mother is born

There is a saying: “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” 

In today’s modern society, a new mother is overlooked as her newborn is the focus of everyone’s attention. She deals with the physical and emotional changes of new motherhood in the background, with little focus on her needs as she navigates the sleep deprivation, painful breasts and heightened emotions. 

While family and friends swoop in to cuddle and admire this tiny perfect human, a new mother is on a very steep learning curve getting to know her baby and herself as a mama. There is little acknowledgement of what she has done – created and birthed this beautiful little miracle. And once everyone has had a cuddle, she’s left to navigate this transition to motherhood alone. 

It takes a village to raise a child

In Africa, it’s believed the whole village or community of people must interact with children for them to grow in a healthy and safe environment. While it’s possible to raise children without having support, it’s definitely much easier when family and friends are there to help. 

Humans evolved to live in groups or communities because it was safer, providing protection to old and young members. Babies and mothers were tended and supported by others who offered knowledge, guidance and wisdom. 

Today’s modern family is a different experience and our villages are almost non-existent. Many new mums are left to cope with a new baby and the expectation that she can manage all the home and family responsibilities without blinking an eye. The village is spread across the country, or works full time, and so new mums have no one to lean on when support is needed. This is when postnatal depletion can really take hold, leaving mamas exhausted and feeling overwhelmed. 

This is where postnatal support is so important, offering new mums a space for her to land gently, to be nourished and cherished while she finds her feet slowly. Recreating the village for each woman and honouring her journey to new ground as a mother. 

The Golden Month provides holistic tradition care in the postpartum period, supporting mothers and families in the early days and weeks after childbirth.

About The Golden Month

We are mothers caring for mothers … We have a passion for caring for women at each stage of life’s journey.

Over time, in clinic we have both noticed that mothers are becoming more and more depleted, stressed and isolated.

This not only deeply impacts the mother, but her children, family & community. In countries all over the world, women are cared for in a unique way after childbirth.

Unfortunately in our country this care is not yet a part of our culture … So we are here to break the mould, shake things up & bring women the care that they really need. It takes a village to hold the mother.

We have created an in-home, postpartum service, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic practices. Tapping into nature, using all things natural to support new mums. We allow time for mother to bath & nap whilst we care for baby & stock the fridge with nourishing foods. Our meals are specifically made to heal mother, warm her body, and help with milk production.

We want to be remembered by all the women we are here to hold + nurture. We want to be the two Adelaide Mama’s who helped to re-shape the postpartum care in their community, for our daughters & their daughters to come.

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