Louise and Keith

“I had full faith and trust in sarah during my labour, without a moment of hesitation, without any doubt I was able to surrender to what was happening to my body because I had Sarah. Sarah was my strength. Sarah kept me calm, she helped me believe in myself and my body. Sarah made me feel safe, that was so important to me, the feeling of being made to feel safe and secure in whatever my environment and whatever my circumstance. Sarah gave me her undivided attention, her utmost care and both emotional and physical strength throughout my entire labour. She took every breath with me. She met all my needs. I would never have been able to have my drug free natural labour without her. She also went above and beyond my expectations after I had given birth as she would visit me at my home on a daily basis and offer tremendous support! I will remember those early days of motherhood as some of the most nurtured, supported and happiest times in my life. Sarah, thinking of you in that time still brings tears to my eyes. Thank you’. ‘Sarah has become an important part of our family and always will be. Sarah was born to do this job’. ”

Louise and Keith, 2010

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