Anna and Noam

“Without having Sarah’s support, guidance and vast pool of knowledge to tap into, I never would have had the birth experience I had hoped for. In fact, it turned out far better than I ever expected. I was booked in for an induction in the morning and instead ended up with a natural labour and water birth 8 hours later! After having my waters broken, Sarah kept me on my feet. With her prompting, my husband and I kept walking, even out of the hospital and at times up and down the hospital’s stairwell to ensure my labour would establish without additional interventions. Once labour was established, Sarah gave me and my husband the space we needed to focus on our journey, with occasional gentle prompting to keep active to ensure that everything progressed as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Before, during and after the birth, Sarah always provided the most reassuring advice and kept empowering me and my husband to make the make the right decisions for us and our new daughter. Not only was our daughter born, but we felt like we were ‘re-born’ as parents, ready to enter into this new phase of our lives.”

– Anna and Noam, 2014

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