“When preparing for the birth of our second child we were determined to set up the most supportive birthing team possible. I’d wanted a drug free, natural birth with my first but it had ended full of intervention. I’d never known anyone to have a doula so I was a bit nervous but after meeting Sarah I instantly felt more supported and held in the lead up to the birth, during and in those weeks after. Sarah has incredible knowledge and experience and helped us shape a birth preferences that was informed, respectful and covered all possible things that could arise. We felt so prepared and empowered.

In the lead up to the due date Sarah helped suggest therapies that might assist me and help support baby’s position. The massage and osteopathic treatments I had at Nurtured Birth were the best I’ve ever had – the whole team are incredible at what they do and understand a pregnant woman’s body like no other.

During the birth Sarah was a gentle, supportive presence for both my husband and I. She worked respectfully with the rest of our birthing team, and having someone by our side the entire labour who we knew and had built a relationship with made such a difference. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah and the team to any of my friends and family for their future pregnancies! Thank you so much Sarah – together we were able to experience the birth we so desperately wanted and needed”

– Kylie 2019


“My husband and I feel so lucky that our obstetrician introduced us to our Doula Sarah. We didn’t actually know what a Doula was prior to but now we tell all of our friends. Our labour was quiet long, with the support my husband and I had from Sarah I was able to have our son naturally as we had planned. Sarah provided us with the support throughout my pregnancy which helped us prepare and also the session post labour was a great way to debrief and check in. Being our first pregnancy we didn’t know what to expect but we felt very empowered with the information and knowledge Sarah shared with us from her experiences. We are so grateful to have had Sarah in the birth suite with us, she is such a beautiful soul.”

– Morgan, 2019


“Sarah was a vital member of our team. Naturally supportive, mindful and intuitive in her approach. My wife had peace of mind in the knowledge that Sarah was wholly committed to her having the birth experience that she envisaged. Importantly, the interpersonal skills is matched by professional skills. The bond that Sarah formed in a short time with my wife, will not be forgotten. And was re-enforced with our glorious second birth (at home).”

– Paul, 2019

Louise and Keith

“I had full faith and trust in sarah during my labour, without a moment of hesitation, without any doubt I was able to surrender to what was happening to my body because I had Sarah. Sarah was my strength. Sarah kept me calm, she helped me believe in myself and my body. Sarah made me feel safe, that was so important to me, the feeling of being made to feel safe and secure in whatever my environment and whatever my circumstance. Sarah gave me her undivided attention, her utmost care and both emotional and physical strength throughout my entire labour. She took every breath with me. She met all my needs. I would never have been able to have my drug free natural labour without her. She also went above and beyond my expectations after I had given birth as she would visit me at my home on a daily basis and offer tremendous support! I will remember those early days of motherhood as some of the most nurtured, supported and happiest times in my life. Sarah, thinking of you in that time still brings tears to my eyes. Thank you’. ‘Sarah has become an important part of our family and always will be. Sarah was born to do this job’. ”

Louise and Keith, 2010


“Being a midwife I know just how important it is to have a trusting and flexible birth team. Sarah’s constant presence of energy held the space for us during labour with the perfect balance between reassurance, guidance and understanding. My husband and I felt truly supported into our journey into parenting and I know we would not have had such a beautiful, gentle homebirth without her.”

Bella, 2011

Richard Raber

“First and foremost I have to say that Sarah’s primary great skill as a Doula was that she truly knew how to give appropriate space to both of us. Kimi 5 As the birth partner, what I needed most from Sarah is exactly what I got: comfort, re-assurance, strength, humour and an overall feeling of being supported and nurtured. She gave me all the right cues as to how she thought I could support my partner in labour. And she did this at exactly the times where she read that I may have been feeling a little lacking in focus or direction (or just sheer exhaustion) – in terms of my role as birth partner. Most of all, Sarah’s energy was calming and empowering all at once.”

Richard Raber, 2012

Nemi Bishops

“I approached this second birth with some amount of fear and a determination to create a positive experience, unlike the birth experience of my first child. At all times I felt Sarah was standing next to me and empowering me with her gentle but focussed way. Once she helped me let go of certain expectations, I was able to truly have an empowered birth. I can’t thank her enough for that.”

Nemi Bishops, 2012


“If it wasn’t for Sarah I would not have been able to keep going. This was my second baby and I was scared about how it would all go as my first labour was a long and difficult one. But Sarah gave me such positive, calming affirmations that guided me so smoothly into labour and when it really got tough Sarah, along with my husband and sister were literally the arms I leaned on for support. She held me for hours walking through each contraction and did not stop believing in me. Her visualizations, strength, confidence, and her deep understanding of me as a person gave me the most precious gift, my beautiful little girl Milla. Sarah, what a truly magical journey. Thank you.”

Simone, 2013


“After suffering tiredness & migraines for weeks during my first pregnancy, Sarah was recommended to me by my midwife; Jenny Teskey. I’d never have thought pregnancy massage could help in so many ways and cannot put in words just how grateful I am to have met Sarah. She is a professional above all but also become a friend who provided me with some much needed support & guidance whilst also helping my mind & body relax during her massage therapy.”

Hanna, 2013


“There is no way I would have had the birth I wanted had it not been for having Sarah as my doula. When the going got tough she was a calm and strong presence for both myself and my husband and kept us both incredibly calm and relaxed up until the very end. She gave me strong visualisations that definitely gave me strength during every single contraction. I felt so supported and nurtured the entire way that I never once doubted myself and my ability to birth naturally, It was such an empowering feeling.”

Lana, 2013