Pregnancy Pillow – Do I Need One?

Many mamas-to-be want to know if a pregnancy pillow is a necessity, especially when their belly starts to really grow. Having a baby bump is exciting but it does start to cause you extra aches and pains. 

Rest is so important in pregnancy and it can be difficult to achieve, especially at night when you’re trying to sleep.

You might try different positions, add a few extra bed pillows…but eventually, you realise this is a situation that needs a specific solution.

To help you decide, we’ve answered the most common questions about pillows and even added our own recommendation. 

What is a pregnancy pillow? 

A pregnancy pillow (sometimes called a maternity pillow) is specially designed to support your body as it changes shape during pregnancy.

It provides support for your body through different positions when you’re lying down, making sleeping more comfortable during pregnancy. 

During the later stages of pregnancy, lying on your back isn’t recommended and many pregnant women find sleeping in a normal position challenging. 

Why should I use a pillow in pregnancy?

One of the most important things you need during pregnancy is rest and an expanding belly can really get in the way of that. But most pregnant women find lying down gets more uncomfortable as their belly grows. Pressure on certain parts of the body increases, and you’re more likely to have lower back pain and sore hips. 

Back sleeping isn’t encouraged in late pregnancy particularly as the weight of your baby presses on a major vein that supplies blood to the uterus. There is also evidence that shows going to sleep on your back increases the risk of stillbirth in later pregnancy. 

This means side sleeping is the best option but you are likely to find this position puts pressure on your hips and back – hence a pregnancy pillow can provide relief. 

The pillow provides support to different parts of your body, to make you more comfortable and allow you to rest properly and not wake up to more aches and pains in the morning.

When should I start using a pillow?

You can start using a pillow at whatever stage of pregnancy you like. 

About midway through your pregnancy, your belly will start to expand. As your baby grows, your ligaments and joints can become painful as the increase in weight puts pressure on them. Your body is making room for your baby but it can make it difficult to move and or get comfortable when in a lying position. 

Do pregnancy pillows help with back pain?

Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on your muscles and ligaments and this is often concentrated in your lower back. Sleeping on your side in later pregnancy can also exacerbate back pain if you don’t use support.

Your neck, back, and hips should be aligned to support the natural curve in your spine, which is where a pillow can help. When you place the pillow between your knees, your body position is aligned and relieves the pressure from your back.

Which pregnancy pillow is the best?

Nurtured Birth has been recommending Dentons Pregnancy Pillow for over 10 years to clients who want to get a better night’s sleep and support. 

The Dentons Pregnancy Pillow has been expertly designed to support the weight of your growing baby and uterus. It is easily wedged under your belly to relieve the pressure on your muscles and spine, allowing you to rest and sleep more comfortably. 

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