How To Support New Mums This Mother’s Day

how to support new mums this mothers day

Wondering how to support new mums this Mother’s Day and make it extra special for her? 

History suggests Mother’s Day has its origins back in the days the ancient Romans and Greeks, when festivals were held to honour the mother goddesses.

Over time, celebrating mothers became less religious and more a tradition where children would present their mothers with flowers or small presents. It wasn’t formalised as a special day of appreciation until the 1930s.

You can spoil a new mum with all the presents in the world but what a lot of mamas say they would really like is support to be the best mum they can be.

It’s a lot, juggling the demands of a new baby and finding some time for self care. So why not gift the new mum in your life with support. 

We’ve put together our 5 favourite suggestions on how to support new mums this Mother’s Day and make her feel special.

#1: Help her get more sleep

Probably the one thing most new mamas crave is more sleep. It’s so hard to come by in the first weeks and even months of motherhood. Newborns take some time to adjust to being in the world and working out days and nights. So your new mama is probably very tired. 

One way to support new mums this Mother’s Day is to help them find more sleep. Take care of the baby while she sleeps in or has a long, deep sleep during the day. 

If you can manage it, organise for this to happen more than once! Ask a close and trusted family member or friend to visit regularly to look after the baby while mama gets some sleepy time.

Or hire a postpartum doula to be an extra pair of hands during the day or night so mama can get more sleep. Find out more about postnatal doulas and how to book one here

To help her sleep even better, make sure the bed is comfy, and add in a support pillow like the Denton’s Pregnancy Pillow. This is wonderful during pregnancy to support her belly as she sleeps on her side.

After birth, it takes time to readjust back to normal sleeping positions, so the pillow can provide added comfort and support new mums to get better rest. 

Click here to purchase a Denton’s Pregnancy Pillow through Nurtured Birth. 

#2: Pamper her

One thing many new mums lack is time just for her. It can be a challenge to do more than wash her face and put on clean clothes every day. Support her to have some time that’s just for her. 

This might include massage, a pedicure or even a day spa. Nurtured Birth offers gift vouchers for our massage sessions which you can purchase at this link

If being away from the baby for too long could be tricky, organise a spa day at home. You can put together a pamper pack of her favourite bath salts, scented candles, face mask and so on. Add an extra layer of luxury on top and organise an in-home Shiatsu massage with Nurtured Birth’s therapist. You can book through this link.  

#3: Family photos

A new mum doesn’t feel very glamorous after birth. A family photo session gives her an excuse to feel beautiful and have lasting memories of herself in these early days of motherhood. 

It’s not unusual for mums to spend more of their time behind the camera, capturing the special moments of the family, and missing out on the chance to be in photos themselves.

Support new mums this Mother’s Day to start a special tradition, by engaging a professional photographer to create lasting memories each year. 

#4: Help her have a night out/day off

After birth, the postnatal period can be quite stressful for new mums as they juggle all the demands of a newborn baby. The focus is often so much on the baby that a new mum can feel really lost and isolated as well. 

One way you can support new mums this Mother’s Day is to organise a special night out. If her baby is old enough to leave for a few hours with a trusted family member or friend, book a table at her favourite restaurant, or any special event she’s been keen to attend (theatre, live gig, movie … the list is endless!). 

If the baby is very young, leaving them may not be an option. Instead why not support new mums to have the day off, so she doesn’t have to lift a finger at all. Present her with breakfast in bed, a new book to read or movie to watch, order in lunch or dinner, and make her feel like the queen she is! 

#5: Hire a housekeeper for the day

New mums are often so exhausted by the day to day of having a small baby that the household chores drop far down the list of priorities.

The fourth trimester is a time to cocoon with her little one, and it’s always much easy to relax into this when her surroundings are calm and tidy. 

One of the best ways to support her this Mother’s Day is to hire a housekeeper, someone who not just cleans but organises things like shopping, cooking and sorting the endless piles of washing. 

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