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Nurtured Birth
Windsor Therapy Room
1/16 Ellesmere Rd
Windsor, Melbourne

Nurtured Birth
Cabrini Hospital
Mother and Baby Centre
181-183 Wattletree Rd
Malvern, Melbourne

For appointments call:
0401 083 778

Services, Products & Fees

Massages at Nurtured Birth therapy rooms:

1 hour – $120

1.5 hours – $150

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Induction Massage at Nurtured Birth therapy room in Windsor or Cabrini Hospital:

90 mins – $165

75 min follow up – $140


Induction Massage in the comfort of your home:

90 mins – $180

75 mins – $165

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Mobile Massage for Pregnant woman and Postnatal Mothers only:

1hour – $150

1.5hours – $180

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Naturopathy :

Individual Initial Consultation (via phone or in person): $145

Couple Initial Consultation: $195

Extended Return Consultation (Individual or Couple): $120

Half Hour Standard Return Consultation (Individual or Couple): $90

Follow up 30 Minute phone consultation: $90

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Doula services:

Starts from: $1550 excl. gst

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Post Natal Doula services:

1 session (3 hours) $165

2 sessions (2 sessions of 3 hours) $330

4 sessions ( 4 sessions of 3 hours) $600

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Childbirth Education:

Private session for couples in your own home: 3 hours – $360

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You’re newly pregnant and need to chat about your options in care providers?

1.5 hours – $180 at your own home or

1.5 hours $150 at Nurtured Birth’s Therapies rooms.

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Nurtured Birth Gift Vouchers

Available for any of the services on offer including books and chai.

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Birth with Confidence, Savvy choices for normal birth by Rhea Dempsey

$30 (postage not included)

In this accessible, straightforward book, Rhea Dempsey draws on over thirty years’ experience to show how a woman’s choice of caregivers, support team and birthplace, as well as her life experience and personal attitudes to pain, will affect her birth outcomes. Featuring real-life stories, the latest Australian statistics and opportunities for guided personal reflection, Birth with Confidence provides the knowledge and practical advice that women need for the best chance of normal birth in today’s birth culture.

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The Down to Earth Birth Book a practical guide to childbirth by Jenny Blyth

$70 (postage not included)

I personally recommend this book because it is cover to cover jam packed with everything you need to know about self care during pregnancy, natural birth, breast feeding and post natal care.

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Chai Spiced Hot Chocolate 125g

$18 (postage not included)

100% certified organic ingredients. Vegan, soy & gluten free, free of fillers, preservatives, additives. The search for a luxurious, genuinely vegan spiced hot chocolate is over! This rich hot chocolate is perfectly spiced to enrich the mellow dark chocolate and delicately sweetened to delight the senses. Pure dark chocolate, Dutch processed cocoa, a touch of raw cane sugar and the earthy sweetness of coconut sugar, finished with a generous helping of mamashanti’s very pleasing organic chai spice.

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Golden Turmeric Chai 125g

$18 (postage not included)

100% certified organic ingredients. Vegan, caffeine free, soy & gluten free, free of sweeteners, preservatives & additives. We’ve taken our signature original pure potent organic chai spice and blended with organic ground turmeric to create the most delightful golden turmeric chai experience. This chai is ground super-fine and gives you a simple way to brew instant golden chai lattes with your favourite milk or enjoy in it’s purest form by brewing with filtered water.

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Original Pure Potent Chai Spice 125g

$18 (postage not included)

100% certified organic ingredients. Vegan, caffeine free, soy & gluten free, free of sweeteners, preservatives & additives. Our original chai blend, created for the chai devotee. Carefully crafted to give your senses a layered journey that begins in rich, earthy base tones, through warming mid tones all the way to delicate top notes. Use our unique brewing method to activate mamashanti’s very pleasing organic chai. Once activated, you can brew these precious, potent spices twice more without loosing the intensity you so desire from your chai. As the only organic and genuinely reusable chai, our unique product offers you a simple and economical way to brew exquisite chai at home.

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Goddess blend

$30 (postage not included)

A precious blend of the finest oils for women, including Jasmine, rose geranium, cinnamon & vanilla, all held in Pure Macadamia oil. This blend is balancing and uplifting, celebrating the Goddess within. The fragrance is divine and leaves you beautifully scented & feeling gorgeous. The oil is excellent for skin moisturising as it is light, deeply penetrative and has superior skin enhancement qualities. Replace conventional moisturisers with the pure gifts of nature. Anoint yourself with luxurious beauty. Be a Goddess everyday.

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Love blend

$30 (postage not included)

A gentle, nourishing blend created to inspire and activate Love, with essences of Rose, Benzoin and Vanilla, held in Pure Macadamia oil. Beautiful for daily anointing, love & self love beauty rituals. This oil is excellent for skin moisturising as it is light, deeply penetrative and has superior skin enhancement qualities. An Anti ageing oil that repairs dry, damaged skin and leaves a subtle, blissful scent. Wonderful for massaging someone you love.

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Peace blend

$30 (postage not included)

A calming, centring blend to bring peace within. Containing essential oils of sandalwood, vetiver & just a hint of lavender held in pure Macadamia oil, the scent is subtle & earthy, quite suitable for men, it leaves a slight woody scent on the skin. This oil is excellent for sensitive skin & many people love it as a face oil as well as a raw, natural moisturiser and beautiful anointing oil. Can be useful to relax in the evenings, in a foot bath, bath or as a massage oil.

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For more information regarding services and fees please phone 0401 083 778 and we will be happy to answer any questions. GST is included in all these fees.