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Nurtured Birth
Windsor Therapy Room
1/16 Ellesmere Rd
Windsor, Melbourne

Nurtured Birth
Cabrini Hospital
Mother and Baby Centre
181-183 Wattletree Rd
Malvern, Melbourne

For appointments call:
0401 083 778

Pregnancy Massage Gift Vouchers

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Prenatal Massage Melbourne

Isn’t it wonderful to know that something that feels so good is actually good for you? If you’re looking for an amazing prenatal massage in Melbourne you will LOVE a Nurtured Birth pregnancy massage. Aside from the fact that it feels great, research shows that regular prenatal massage, as well as induction massage, labour massage and postnatal massage, bring a multitude of physical and emotional benefits to both mother and baby, including less pain, a shorter labour and fewer complications.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

  • Improves mood and relaxation by stimulating natural feel good hormones and decreasing stress hormones (adrenalin and cortisol).
  • Decreases aches, pains and muscular tension (back, shoulders, neck, hips, joints)
  • Promotes easier breathing and sleeping
  • Reduces swelling (edema) in hands and feet and promotes better circulation to mother and baby.
  • Helps with posture, range of movement and flexibility
  • Enhances the health and nourishment of your skin

Benefits Of Prenatal Massage For Birth Preparation

Prenatal Massage Melbourne The relaxation techniques practiced during your Nurtured Birth massage treatments will help you prepare your inner resources – like energy, stamina and focus – that will improve your birth experience. By giving you proven strategies for healthy birthing, massage helps you to:
  • Discover awareness of where tension is held in your body and how to unlock it
  • Learn about your body’s relaxation response and how to access it
  • Practice meditative breathing that brings calm and control
  • Connect with your body and your baby and trust in your own abilities
  • Encourage optimal fetal position
  • Understand and prepare your pelvic space.
Prenatal Massage At Nurtured Birth we believe the best prenatal massage position is side-lying, and you will be comfortably supported in exactly the right way using pillows and padding. You can rest assured that pressure points that can stimulate pelvic muscles will be avoided. We do ask that you advise us prior to your appointment about any medical conditions.

Induction Massage

Nurtured Birth also offers Induction Massage. Induction massage is a gentle non invasive way to encourage the body to shift into the birth gear. Click on this link Induction Massage  for more information.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage During Labour

massage during labour Massage during labour is highly effective and works by reducing the stress hormones and tension that interfere with the physiological process of labour, bringing clinically proven benefits which include:
  • Increased emotional and physical relaxation
  • Less anxiety and tension
  • Less pain
  • Shorter labour
  • Reduction in medication and intervention

Healing with Postnatal Massage

Once your baby is born and you have come home, Postnatal Massage is a wonderful way to assist in the healing process.  Click here for more information on Postnatal Massage.

Prenatal Massage and Postnatal Massage In Your Home

massage during labour If you feel unsure about committing to appointment times or you’re unable to come to the Windsor therapy rooms (only 18 minutes or 7.7kms from Melbourne’s CBD), you can enjoy a Nurtured Birth mobile massage at home.* We bring all that’s required to make your home a sanctuary, and we’re accustomed to working alongside newborn babies, children, partners and pets. You don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy a massage at home. Women of all ages can enjoy a Nurtured Birth massage or mobile massage for general good health and wellbeing. *Note we are not currently taking mobile massage bookings.
“I came to see Sarah at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about my upcoming second birth, after having such a difficult first experience which left me feeling dis-empowered and traumatised. In that first session, Sarah completely put my mind, body and spirit at ease with the atmosphere she created, the massage she gave me, and her knowledge of childbirth that she shared with me. Sarah is very attuned to others and I felt understood and contained in her presence. Her recommendation of reading “Birthing with Confidence” is a must-read! I can now go into my next birth with more understanding about the process and more relaxed and confident in my mind and body. I highly recommend Sarah for anyone who is pregnant!”. Sarah Afshar Jan 2015
Prenatal massage in Melbourne (Windsor therapy rooms):
$120 for 60 min or $150 for 90 min
. Prenatal mobile massage: $150 for 60 min or $180 for 90 min
Massage is the perfect gift idea. Find out more about Nurtured Births Gift Vouchers here.

For the best pregnancy massage in Melbourne, call Sarah to make an appointment on 0401 083 778 


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