‘More Real’ Dads Podcast focusses on how men truly feel about becoming or being a dad. What was that like, the transition before child to becoming a father? Dan would love to hear how it was for you and what pressures, joys, concerns, expectations and enlightenments you faced or are facing?

Dan and I noticed how readily available podcasts are for Mothers but not much for Dads. Dan would love to support men in this important transition. He has learnt that being vulnerable and sharing how he feel has transformed his life in a very positive way. We hope by sharing stories of becoming fathers it can inspire and support others as they prepare for this epic life changing event.

Would you love to share your story of becoming a dad? We would love to hear it. Please email us on sarahg@nurturedbirth.com.au


About Dan Whiteman 

I’m a 50-year-old man who’s seen a lot of life. A son, brother, father, friend, pleaser/giver and genuinely nice guy. I’ve changed jobs a number of times in the search of finding meaning and living a fulfilled life. I’ve lived in different countries; been married and divorced and experienced trauma.

I’m open, honest and seek out deep and meaningful conversations but this wasn’t always the case. I made mistakes and will continue to do so; I struggle with a lack of self-belief and confidence and I strive to push myself and be the best version of me.

I am learning to love myself and I’m grateful every day for what I have. I am getting really familiar with who I am and know what I want in life.

I created More Real Dad’s for men to come to a space that enables them to truly get in touch with, understand and connect with their feelings and to know that we’re all connected and alike in so many ways.

I look forward to going on this journey with other fathers.

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