Sarah Goldberg


Founding Director
Nurtured Birth
Rhea Dempsey
Childbirth Educator – Trained
Royal Woman’s Hospital
Certificate IV Massage Therapy
Sage Institute
Certified Nurture Life Practitioner
Pregnancy Massage Australia
Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist
Pregnancy Massage Australia
Spinning Babies workshops
Ginny Phang
Optimal Maternal Positioning workshops
Ginny Phang
Advanced Massage for Pregnancy
Suzanne Yates
Creative Ways of Making Space for Baby
Jenny Blyth
Level 1 and 2
Thai Massage
Old Medicine Hospital
Ayurvedic Massage
Fertility Massage Therapy
Clare Blake

Sarah Goldberg

Nurtured Birth was born in 2010 when I returned to Australia after 15 years of living abroad. In that time I had travelled, lived, loved, studied, worked and become a mum. Deeply experiencing life among many people and cultures.

In 2006 after all the travelling I settled down and became a mother to my beautiful boy who was born at home in the mountains of Peru. His birth was one of the most challenging and glorious experiences of my life, showing me the depths of who I am and the challenges birth and early mothering bring. I have journeyed with difficult times postnatally which has enabled me to share this empathy in my work.

During my 5 years living in Peru I had the privilege to be exposed to ancient birthing traditions and holistic wisdom. I became fascinated by pregnancy and birth. Through my own birth experience and what I saw on my return to Australia, I realised there was a gap between what today’s birth culture offers and what women need for healthy, positive birth experiences.  I felt intensely drawn to offer holistic and nurtured support to fill this gap which is so vulnerable.

My background in holistic care began with my training in 1999. I studied in a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, relaxation, traditional Thai and Ayurvedic massage. I undertook many years of meditation practice and training. Holistic healing, body awareness, Reiki and mindfulness deeply underpin all my practice. As a certified massage therapist I focused my skills in pregnancy, induction, breech position,  labour and postnatal body work.

Nurtured Birth has come full circle since its inception. It has grown organically to support a collective vision and passion, attracting people who bring their special blend of wisdom and support to Nurtured Birth. Over the hundreds of births I’ve attended and the thousand plus women the clinic has supported, this has become so much more than I ever anticipated and imagined. But it only goes to show it was satiating a deep need in our birthing culture today in Melbourne.

“Sarah Goldberg of Nurtured Birth is a passionate believer in the possibility of empowering birth experiences. She is drawn by the age-old hearts calling to support pregnant and birthing women, their babies and families. She has a wide experience of birth, both in different cultures and now in Melbourne’s hospitals as well as home settings. She has an understanding of birth and the present birth culture; a capacity to gently guide women into their power; a warm, generous and nurturing presence and strong, sure, skilled hands to soothe and nurture through pregnancy and during birth. Women and their families will delight in their experience with her.” — Rhea Dempsey, Oct 2013