Louisa Dalla Riva


Accredited member of the Shiatsu Therapy Association Australia (STAA)

Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies

Australian College of Shiatsu

“Tensegrity, Facia and Developmental Meridians”

Bill Palmer and Teresa Hadland from the School of Experimental Education (UK)

“Pregnancy and the Extraordinary Vessels”

Suzzane Yates (UK)

Advanced Maternity Shiatsu Course” Birth and the Postnatal Period

Suzzane Yates (UK)

Developmental Shiatsu for Babies (Foundation)

Kalbantner-Wenicke (GER)

Bachelor of Health Studies in Chinese Medicine

Southern School of Natural Therapies (Currently Studying)

Traditional Japanese Moxibustion Therapy

Paul Movessian

Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour

Santosha Yoga Institute

Pre and Postnatal Yoga 50 hour

Santosha Yoga Institute

Reiki 1 & 2

Diploma Remedial Massage

Australian College of Massage and Natural Therapies

Diploma Holistic Counselling

Omega College

Bachelor of Youth Work

Victoria University

Louisa Dalla Riva – Shiatsu Practitioner

In mid 2015 I became a mother for the first time. It felt like everything I knew was changing. 

My life vision, interests and priorities were shifting. Change and loss were intertwining. 

I was working in Youth Services (which I had done for many years) and although rewarding work, I felt an urge to engage with people on another level.

I had done massage for many years earlier and remembered how much I loved it but had concentrated more on the counselling side. I needed to get back in touch with the body and when I stumbled upon shiatsu and oriental therapies, there was an overwhelming pull from every cell of my body to do it.

The next two years of study were intense in the most amazing way. I fell in love with shiatsu and the principles that underpin it. As soon as I graduated, I enrolled in the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine for deeper learning and I was not disappointed. I’m continually fascinated by the teachings and amazed by the effects it has, not only on my clients, but myself and my family. I believe bodywork and self-care help restore your connection to yourself, by bringing peace to the mind and joy to the body. 

Over the last few years shiatsu has provided me with grounding and good health which was definitely needed whilst raising two boys! This practice allows me to influence the health of all members of my family because the teachings are available to everyone. 

An integral element of my practice is to create a safe, warm and caring atmosphere that allows clients to leave the activities of the day behind and immerse themselves into a relaxing experience. The treatment itself is time for mindfulness and meditation in order to achieve a calm and deeply relaxing state of mind. If there is a need to focus on specific symptoms, the treatment can also be interactive and might include recommendations for positive lifestyle changes. I believe it’s important to tailor every appointment to the specific needs of my clients and offer the best service I am able to provide.

I have a keen interest in working with women pre and post birth. It is my personal experience that drives this interest and it is my understanding that intimately appreciates the magic and challenges of having a baby. I want nothing more than to walk alongside a mum-to-be and provide support where I can.

My experience both personally and professionally have led me to Nurtured Birth. I could not be more excited to be part of this amazing team.