Nursing Cups – Can They Help Breastfeeding Mamas?

silverette nursing cups

Breastfeeding is such an important part of the mothering journey for many women. This is why Nurtured Birth offers a range of breastfeeding support products in our shop, including Silverette Nursing Cups.

Nipple pain can be a definite challenge when breastfeeding. Silverette Nursing Cups can make a big difference in ensuring you can carry on breastfeeding for as long as you wish.

Why does breastfeeding hurt sometimes?

For many new mamas, breastfeeding is hard.

Whether it’s your first or third baby, there’s no telling how your breastfeeding journey will turn out. 

You and your baby might figure things out quickly and easily. Or you might have some bumps along the way. 

Breastfeeding experts widely agree nursing shouldn’t hurt if your baby is positioned and latched correctly. 

Yet this isn’t the reality for many mamas, especially those new to breastfeeding. 

Pain and damage to the nipple isn’t normal and can very quickly interfere with breastfeeding, causing anxiety and stress.

Over time, ongoing pain can cause problems with your ability to nurse properly. This can interrupt your milk supply and potentially cause you to give up breastfeeding. 

The best option is to see an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who can check latch, position and investigate the possibility of tongue or lip ties. 

Or you can contact the Australian Breastfeeding Association for support. 

When the cause of the nipple pain is found, the healing process can begin. 

There are many choices for nipple healing today. At Nurtured Birth we want to offer mamas the best products available. Which is why we have added Silverette Nursing Cups to our range of products. 

So why are they so good? 

What are Silverette Nursing Cups?

First, what are these silver little cups? They’re crafted from 925 sterling silver and fit over the nipples to protect them. 

Silver has long been known for its healing properties, used to protect against bacteria and fungal infections in wounds. It has anti inflammatory agents as well, soothing and healing cuts, cracks, wounds and infections. 

The cups also act as a barrier to prevent chaffing. Many new mamas find they can’t stand having anything touch their nipples, whether they’re sore or not.

Sensitive nipples are very common during the early days of breastfeeding. Even the sensation of a nursing pad or bra against your nipples can make you want to scream! 

Silverette Nursing Cups are crafted in Italy by licenced silversmiths.

How do you use a Silverette Nursing Cup?

You can use the cups to prevent or heal sore nipples. Simply place the cupdirectly over each nipple and keep on for as long as possible between breastfeeding your bub. It’s suggested to add a few drops of breast milk to the cup before placing over your nipple.  

You remove the cups before nursing then put them back on once your baby has finished feeding.  The silver cups don’t stick to your nipples which aids the healing process and reduces the pain you’d experience if trying to remove a nursing pad and your bra. 

Can I use nipple creams with the nursing cups?

One of the best things about using Silverette Nursing Cups is you don’t need to buy any other products to use as well. 

In fact, Silverette recommends not using ointments or creams with the cups as those products may react with the silver and cause the cups to be less efficient. 

Do Silverette Nursing Cups come in different sizes?

The cups are a one-size-fits-all product. The rounded peak should comfortably fit any size nipple without causing compression. 

During the early days of breastfeeding, if your breasts are quite engorged, you might find the cups leave a small imprint. This should fade within a few days as your supply settles down. 

Will I leak milk using Silverette Nursing Cups?

Depending on your supply and how often your baby feeds, you might experience some leaking – just as you would without using the cups. 

You can wear nursing pads over the top of the cups to catch any milk leaks. Your nursing bra or singlet will keep everything in place. 

Do the nursing cups make your nipples look strange?

If you’re just wearing the cups under a nursing singlet then they might look a little hard and pointy! But at home, who cares what your nipples look like, as long as you’re getting relief from soreness and pain. 

If you want to wear the cups while out and about, a nursing pad and structured nursing bra will soften the appearance. 

Do I need to clean the Silverette Nursing Cups?

Once a day, you can clean the cups with warm water to get rid of any milk residue. 

If you want the cups to keep their shiny silver look, you can apply a paste made of baking soda and water. Rub the paste on the cups before rinsing thoroughly and drying them. 

For support during your early mothering journey, contact Nurtured Birth to find out about our postnatal doula services

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