Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For New Mamas

Mother's day gift ideas for new mums melbourne

Mother’s Day has long been an important date on our calendar.

On the second Sunday of May, many of us will spend the day celebrating our mums, special women in our lives, or even being spoiled ourselves. 

Some mums may be given flowers, cards or special handmade gifts. Others might have breakfast in bed or a special lunch with family.

However you spend the day, have you ever wondered where the tradition of honouring motherhood came from? 

Today’s celebration of Mother’s Day originated from anti war campaigns after the American Civil War ended in 1865. But it wasn’t until after World War 1 that Mother’s Day was first acknowledged in Australia. 

Janet Heyden started the tradition in 1924 after visiting a friend in Newington State Hospital and seeing the lonely aged mothers there. Janet campaigned for local schools and businesses to donate gifts to these forgotten women. 

New mothers are often excited to celebrate their first Mother’s Day. Among all the flowers, chocolates and sleep-ins, why not gift her something she really needs.

Nurtured Birth offers wonderful products and services for women any stage of motherhood.

Mother’s Day Massage Gift Voucher

Self care is hard to squeeze into a busy mama’s life at the best of times. Massage therapy offers mamas the space to take care of their own needs, to be nourished and pampered. A gift voucher for self care is a beautiful way to say thank you for all you do. 

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Breastfeeding support

For the mama planning to breastfeed, Nurtured Birth has a luxurious range of products to support her choice.

From nipple cups, a 100% eco friendly breast pump, to breast pads, we have everything a breastfeeding mama needs. 

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Pregnancy pillow

Sleep is so important during pregnancy but as the baby grows, the extra weight puts pressure on a pregnant mama’s spine. This can make it hard to get enough sleep and feel well rested. 

Nurtured Birth stocks Dentons Pregnancy Pillow because it’s the best product available for supporting the back and spine. 

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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