Reproductive Health Massage 

Reproductive Health massage

Reproductive Health Massage

Reproductive Health Massage for fertility support is an external non-invasive massage of the womb using techniques that supports female abdominal, reproductive and pelvic health. Helping the internal organs of the abdomen to retain or regain their correct position, restoring the flow of blood in the vessels, nerve, lymph, and chi, plus helping to restore fascia. Healthy functioning of both digestive and reproductive systems are maintained and there is a return to natural balance within the body.

Reproductive Health Massage guides the body towards homeostasis by increasing the flow of energy and vessels to the pelvic region, stimulating the body to find its own natural equilibrium and to restore balance to this area and the organs surrounding it. Toxins are flushed from the body and nutrients are encouraged to flow to the region to restore balance, help tone tissue and fascia and balance hormones.

Warming essential oils, heat packs, warm towels all help to nourish your body during your womb massage. Massage is applied to the back, sacrum, gluteus and abdomen.

* Reproductive Health Massage is contraindicated during your first post embryo transfer and during pregnancy.

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