Postnatal Massage Melbourne

Postnatal massage supports your return to a balanced, healthy emotional and physical state after the life changing experience of pregnancy and birth. It’s important to acknowledge your need for nurture as you settled into a new normal after birth. 

Regardless of whether you’ve had a vaginal, induced or caesarean birth, your body needs time to recover. Yet it’s most often at this time your energy and focus is on meeting your baby’s needs instead of your own.

Massage after birth aids recovery by stimulating blood flow and provides relief from muscle tension, while encouraging awareness of your body and how best to support its recovery and healing.

Physical self care after birth is vital as it promotes complete wellbeing. Giving yourself permission to value yourself will support your transition into new motherhood. It provides a window of time when you are consciously taking care of your emotional and physical health.

Postnatal massage has many positive benefits, including:

  • Relaxing muscular tension, stiffness and soreness associated with looking after a newborn (for example in the neck, shoulders and back)
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving toxin elimination
  • Encouraging healing of body and mind
  • Toning of muscles and overstretched skin
  • Aiding recovery from caesarean section
  • Helping to realign the body balance, particularly the uterus and pelvic space
  • Reducing the risk of postnatal depression.

Nurtured Birth offers postnatal massage at The Mother Baby Centre at Cabrini Hospital in Malvern and our clinic in Windsor.

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