COVID -19 SEPTEMBER 15th 2020

LATEST UPDATE 15TH September 2020

Our clinic remains closed for massage treatments until we are clear on what date we can reopen. Osteopathic treatments have resumed in accordance with stage 4 government regulations.  You are permitted to attend Osteopathic appointment if you are in urgent need of care.

How to define what is urgent care:

  1. The absence of, or delay of osteopathic care would result in a significant change or deterioration in your functional independence.
  2. No treatment for your issue or delay of osteopathic care would lead you to seek medical attention from your GP, specialist or emergency department.
  3. If your condition is preventing you from performing essential activities such as looking after yourself or a family member, fulfilling work &/or study, or your emotional or mental health would be at risk without treatment.

To make an appointment please call on 0401083778 and we will asses you over the phone. If you satisfy the criteria we will book you in.  You don’t need a referral and you don’t need to be within our 5km zone .

We are still offering Telehealth sessions for Childbirth education classes and coaching, Naturopathy and Free Online Pregnancy Meditation every Sunday 10am. Also online Prenatal Yoga every Tuesday night and Thursday morning. Pregnancy Mother’s group has begun as well.

Get in touch to discuss your situation. We are not going anywhere and are committed to bouncing back once we reopen.

Warmly Sarah

Founding Director Nurtured Birth



Our allied health association recommended we cease trading in person consults at midnight last night. So we are needing to cancel all appointments for now. We are contacting all the clients with bookings to let them know.

We don’t have clarity  over whether we may be able to practice if patients have a GP or doctors referral. Until then we will wait for clarity and let everyone know.

We want to abide by the letter and the spirit of the Law so will consider whether we can reopen at all. However we are incredibly aware how challenging this time is for our pregnant clients.

We are still offering Telehealth sessions for Childbirth education classes and coaching, Naturopathy and Free Online Pregnancy Meditation every Sunday 10am. Also online Prenatal Yoga every Tuesday night. Pregnancy Mother’s groups  coming soon too.

Feel free to call  I am still there on the other end of the phone.

Take really good care and I hope to open up treatments as soon as it is legal to do so.

Hopefully in 6 weeks, we will be in a much better position.

Lots of Love Sarah and all the team at Nurtured Birth.


At Nurtured Birth we are classified as essential health services which are: Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Remedial and Therapeutic Massage and Birth Support. This means  we can remain open unless strict lockdown is enforced.

We will advise you of any changes if they occur. Some individual practitioners may need to limit hours going forwards due to personal circumstances. We will be in touch if this impacts your appointment time. If you don’t hear from us that means all is well with your appointment. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this.

We have been and will continue to take extra measures in attempt to keep everyone safe. We are in the business of serving people and in the midst of the Coronavirus it is so important to give you as much information as possible about the procedures we have in place to reassure and collaborate with our community in order to maintain a sanitary environment. To read more about what we have put in place click here:

We will continue to uphold our high clinical and sanitation standards. These practices include:

At the Windsor Clinic:

  • We are screening all our clients.  If they feel unwell with flu-like symptoms such as: fever, breathing difficulties, cough or unusual fatigue, they will need to change their appointment time and NOT attend their appointment. We are emailing the client history forms for clients to complete before their appointment.
  • We are allowing half an hour between clients so the practitioners can sanitise all surfaces, themselves and change linen.
  • Mandatory hand sanitisation on arrival at the front door to be used before entering the space.
  • Closed our waiting room area.
  • Asked clients to arrive on the dot of their appointment so they can come straight through to the consult room.
  • Practitioners will wear masks, some through the whole session some will only around the head area. You are welcome to BYO a mask or ask us for one on arrival.

At the Nook Yoga Studio. 

For now we are having to close the Yoga Studio. All Prenatal Yoga classes are now online.

Our room at Cabrini Mother and Baby Centre in Malvern

Remains closed until further notice.

If you are experiencing any symptoms relating to COVID-19 at all please also call us to reschedule and discuss health care options that we offer at Nurtured Birth  0401 083 778.

I know I speak for every member of our Nurtured Birth team when I say that we take the greatest pride in the role we play in the lives of our clients. I am very proud of all the team for all the effort each one is taking to keep the space sanitised. This is such a challenging time for all of us and we are all having to adapt and flow.

I wanted you to know that we are providing all of the following services:

  • Birth Support
  • Massage
  • Osteopathy
  • Naturopathy- Telehealth only
  • Online Prenatal Yoga classes- email me if you are interested
  • Private Childbirth Education- Telehealth only

Need to talk about your birth?

I am offering  Telehealth or in person consults for mums or couple who would like to chat about their birth and get birth mindset ready! For more information please call us 0401083778.

If you have any further questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact me directly

Thank you so much for the ongoing support for our small business.

Take really good care of yourself, loved ones and beloved community.


Sarah Goldberg
Director of Nurtured Birth