Christmas Gift Ideas For New Mums

Christmas gift ideas for new mums or pregnant mamas can be tricky to figure out.

Usually it’s the baby getting all the attention – so it’s time to make sure mum gets some support too.

Becoming a mum is both the most rewarding and exhausting thing a woman will ever do. Whether you’re pregnant or had a baby during the coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably finding things tougher right now. 

There’s been a lot of media reports that the stress and worry of the pandemic has impacted the mental and physical health of parents, especially women who are pregnant, birthing, or parenting in these uncertain times. 

So over this Christmas period, let’s show the new and expecting mums how much we value them.

Whether it’s a practical present to make life that much easier, or something special and personal as a treat, we’ve rounded up our favourite Christmas gift ideas for new mums. 

Massage gift voucher

We talk a lot about self care but it’s not always a simple thing to squeeze into a busy mama’s life at the best of times. And when restrictions have made it hard to leave home, it can be even trickier to find the space and energy to look after yourself. 

At Nurtured Birth, we believe body therapy in the form of massage to be one of the most luscious ways for expecting and new mamas to take care of their own needs. A massage nourishes and soothes the body and mind. 

A gift voucher for self care is a beautiful way to say thank you for all you do. And partners can learn to do massage, to keep the nurture going through the holidays. 

Click here to purchase a gift voucher for massage therapy.

Breastfeeding support

If you’re expecting or your baby is born around Christmas time, having plenty of support to ensure breastfeeding goes well can ensure happy holidays. 

For the mama planning to breastfeed, Nurtured Birth has a range of products to support her choice. From nipple cups to breast pads, and delicious Franjos Kitchen lactation cookies, we have everything a breastfeeding mama needs. 

And while pumping breast milk can be a little onerous, Haakaa have created a 100% eco friendly breast pump with accessories to collect let down milk and colostrum! Not a drop of that precious liquid gets wasted. 

Click on the links above to go to our shop to purchase any of these products. 

Pregnancy pillow

Sleep is so important during pregnancy but it becomes hard to rest well as the weight of the baby puts pressure on the spine. And after birth, a new mama’s body takes time to adjust back to sleeping positions other than on her side! Add in the weather heating up over the Christmas holidays which can make sleep even more difficult to get. 

What better way to prove some support to an expecting or new mama and gift her a pregnancy pillow, designed to offer the most comfortable support for a beautiful night’s sleep. 

Nurtured Birth stocks Dentons Pregnancy Pillow because we believe it’s the best produce available for pregnancy and postnatal support. You can purchase the pillow in our online shop here

Birth support

Mamas who are pregnant may be feeling a little uncertain in the current coronavirus situation, especially if they haven’t been able to access the birth support they’d hoped to. 

Nurtured Birth offers online birth education and other birth workshops to help women and partners feel confident about their birth journey. Please follow this link to see the workshops on offer for expecting and new parents and book online. 

We also offer Rhea Dempsey’s wonderful books Birth With Confidence and Beyond The Birth Plan, highly recommended for all expecting parents. You can purchase these as a bundle by clicking this link


For many families, Christmas is a time to connect with loved ones and share good food, company and gifts. Many of us haven’t been able to see family or friends for many weeks, months or even years since the pandemic has impacted our ability to travel or visit. 

And while restrictions have been in place, there hasn’t been access to parent groups, playgroups or other activities that connect new parents into their local community.

So organising ways for a new mum to hang out with other mums is a wonderful opportunity for her to feel connected and supported. 

 Nurtured Birth runs online pregnancy and postnatal mother’s group sessions, please contact us for more information. 

And for some suggestions about other Christmas gift ideas to go along with these, how about…

  • A voucher to a streaming service mama uses, for those late night breastfeeding sessions
  • A gift membership to an audio book service, so she can keep up with the latest bestsellers 
  • A gorgeous scarf, that not only looks great with anything she wears but can double as a sunshield, pram cover or play mat
  • Find out what her favourite beauty brand is and organise a pamper pack that includes luxurious scented candles, essential oils, bath goodies…the works!
  • Silky, luxe summer pjs and robe, so she’s comfy and cool at night
  • A big but beautiful bag that doesn’t scream ‘nappies’ but fits everything she needs for a day out with bub
  • Gift mama some time off, with a babysitting voucher.

Hopefully these Christmas gift ideas have helped you get sorted for the pregnant or new mama in your life. And from all of us at Nurtured Birth, we wish you happy holidays.

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