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Nurtured Birth
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Childbirth Education

Studies show that women cope better with labor and birth if they are informed and less fearful. Increased confidence in your body and abilities increases your chance of a gentle, safe labor, birth and onward journey into motherhood. Have you missed your hospital class?  Are you looking for more in depth information about the birthing process? Do you feel like you need the childbirth education tailored to you specifically?
childbirth education Childbirth Education covers:
    • What happens in labor and birth
childbirth education
  • Coping with labor, pain relief and relaxation techniques
  • Partner support strategies that create a joyful experience for you and your partner, increasing feelings of safety and trust that enables you to work with the labour. 
  • Managing labour naturally with an extensive range of strategies and an understanding of how you personally respond to the intensity of birth.
  • Navigating the hospital system and its policies to your greatest advantage.
  • Decisions around interventions and drugs for pain relief.
  • Discussing the importance of support that optimises a healthy, positive birth experience and journey into early parenthood.
  • Discuss the importance of a birth plan/preferences
  • What to expect in the first few days with your baby
Private classes can be arranged at a time that is convenient for you and your partner. The best time to experience these education classes are between 30-36 weeks.
Sessions are 3 hours and cost $360 at your own home.
childbirth education

I am pregnant so which care provider do I choose?

This session involves:
  • Exploring all options available to you of maternity care (eg: public and private hospitals, independent midwifery care, shared care with a GP)
  • What kind of birth you desire?
  • Options around alternative therapies to support your pregnancy (eg: Yoga, massage, acupuncture etc)
Session is 1.5 hours and costs $180 at your own home or $150 Nurtured Birth Therapies rooms.
“Being fully engaged with the birth process (and wanting to know how best to support my wife beyond “back rubs!”) was really important to me, but how to really do that was a mystery. Our session with Sarah changed all that. Speaking frankly and realistically, she gave us a clear idea of what to expect from childbirth, giving Ivy a wealth of coping strategies and explaining to me how a partner can truly “be there.” Our session was invaluable and meant we felt emotionally prepared for our childbirth, however it unfolded. We now have a beautiful baby girl and positive memories of an amazing birth experience, during which we used many of Sarah’s suggestions for movement, breathing and working together. Through her understanding and expertise, Sarah broke down our fear and anxieties about the birth, and we both headed in to it feeling confident and prepared”-Tim and Ivy, 2015.

For a fun and inspiring personally tailored childbirth education,
call Sarah to make an appointment on 0401 083 778