For Mothers


Cabrini Clinic

Cabrini Hospital Mother & Baby Centre Malvern

Nurtured Birth is thrilled to offer massage for women birthing at the Cabrini Hospital Mother and Baby Centre in Malvern.

Take advantage of the convenience of self-care while you are visiting the hospital for pre and postnatal appointments.

Our experienced massage therapist is welcomed at Cabrini as part of the team to provide pregnancy massage, induction massage and postnatal massage at these beautiful rooms.

Pregnancy massage supports your mind and body to relax, lower stress and anxiety. It can help to balance posture, relieve aches and muscle tension, aid optimal fetal positioning, and enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

Induction massage is a process of preparing your body and your baby for labour. It is a tailored and varied approach that supports you to let go of tensions in the body and mind, while encouraging your baby into the optimal position for labour to begin.

After your baby is born, postnatal massage supports your return to a balanced emotional and physical state. As your body changes and recovers from pregnancy and birth, support to regain posture and muscle tone is vital to your self-care. Some time set aside for you to be nourished encourages a sense of positive wellbeing.

To take charge of your pregnancy, birth and postnatal health at our Cabrinic clinic, please contact us or book your appointment online today.