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Labour Induction

Induction Acupuncture assists the expectant mother to be prepared for her labour by relaxing their mind and body by boosting endorphins and oxytocin ( the bodies natural ‘happy’ hormones). This directly assists with stimulating the muscles and relaxing the sinews in the belly and pelvis area preparing the uterus and cervix. It also supports relieving pain, reducing stress and improving energy levels and stamina.

Beginning labour in a state of relaxation and calm, with the right balance of hormones, we hope to improve the labour outcomes with fewer medical interventions needed, optimising her chances of a smoother labour and natural delivery of her baby.

Induction acupuncture incorporates the use of very thin, single-use sterile steel needles inserted into the skin to stimulate specific points in the body. Our acupuncturist will work with you to use points that may be best in your body for inducing labour based on your unique needs. There are also very specific points that can be used to gently support your body in preparing for labour and birth.

Acupuncture provides an alternative option to try prior to medical induction or if you have passed your estimated due date.

This is a gentler way for labour to begin spontaneously as your body becomes ready over several treatment sessions during pregnancy.

Combined with Nurtured Birth’s massage and osteopathy treatments we focus on creating plenty of space for the baby to optimise it’s position for birth. At Nurtured Birth our team of practitioners are deeply passionate about mother and babies birth outcomes. We work collaboratively within our team to support our clients to feel deeply nurtured, well educated and ready for giving their labour and birth the best chance.

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