General health can have an important role to play in your fertility health. Acupuncture can support you on your fertility journey, providing nourishment and nurture whilst you are on the conception path or in your preconception phase.

Acupuncture will begin by reducing your stress levels, balancing hormones, relaxing tight muscles and nerves, improving blood flow to the abdominal region and providing an overall sense of well being and relaxation. Some specific conditions acupuncture can focus on: relieving back and pelvic pain from irregular and painful cycles, endometriosis, PCOS, PMS, IBS and constipation.

Acupuncture works well in conjunction with Western medicine assisted reproductive treatments such as IUI and IVF, helping you to manage side effects and achieve the best outcomes for you. A combination of treatments can improve your reproductive health, supporting you on your fertility journey and allow your body and mind to be at its best.
Acupuncture can assist in reducing uterine cramping and pain and reducing side effects from IVF medication or egg retrieval procedures such as soft tissue damage, bleeding, bloating, pain, constipation and anxiety.

Book in for an initial treatment with our acupuncturist to discuss how acupuncture can assist you. You can then schedule your appointments around your menstrual cycle, leading up to and following your stimulation phase, pre and post embryo transfer..

Our acupuncturist will be your guide and tailor a treatment plan for what is most appropriate for your individual situation.

To begin your journey to your best health at our Windsor clinic, please contact us or book your appointment online today.