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Baby massage

Baby massage is an ancient practise which has been routinely practised in many traditional cultures. For many Eastern cultures baby massage is a normal and daily part of a new baby’s life, for example, in India and it has benefits not only for the baby but also for the parent or caregiver who is giving the massage.

Baby Massage

What are the benefits of baby massage?

The main benefit of baby massage is bonding. Bonding is the process of attachment of a child to its parents and/or caregivers. It is the thing that connects or attaches them together. If the process has been completed in a healthy manner, the child feels safe with the parent or caregiver he/she has bonded with. For the parent it is the thing which makes them feel like they are ‘in love’ with the baby. It is the thing that makes them want to talk about or show the baby off to others incessantly, and the reason why the parents feel proud when their child achieves something. Baby massage is not the only way to bond with a baby but is a great way as it uses not just touch but sound, smell and sight to help bonding.

Apart from bonding, there are many other benefits of baby or infant massage

  • Interaction- promoted bonding, secure attachment, and spending quality time together, learning about your baby, nurturing touch, etc.
  • Stimulation- of all bodily systems (circulation, immune, digestive, etc.), communication, muscular development and tone, growth and learning ability.
  • Relief- gas/colic, constipation, digestive cramps, growing pains, teething discomfort, physical and psychological tension, etc.
  • Relaxation- improved sleep, increased flexibility, increased environmental coping strategies, reduction of stress levels and stress hormones and less hypersensitivity.

There are also many benefits for the parents/caregiver which include-

  • better attachment and bonding
  • decreased possibility of postnatal depression
  • gives a feeling of competence and closeness to the baby
  • more warmth, expressiveness, enjoyment and acceptance in interactions with their babies

Baby massage can be used with all babies, it can be of great use with special-need babies, hyperactive and overly sensitive babies, adopted, down-syndrome and autistic babies.

Baby Massage

What happens in a baby massage class?

The class is composed of babies from 1 month of age up to almost crawling age with mums, dads, grandparents or other carers learning how to massage. Sometimes expecting parents also come prior to the birth.

You will learn:

How to massage all parts of the baby.

A sequence for newborns.

Basic baby yoga moves.

Techniques for dealing with colic and how to stimulate the digestive & immune system.

Techniques for adjusting the massage for growing babies & toddlers.

Types of techniques & which oils to use.

 Baby massage is a course given in 4 lessons at weekly intervals with each class being about an hour long (these classes also include baby yoga and are usually attended with the baby) or it is a 90 minute class which can be attended before birth or after birth with the baby.


About Jo

Jo Harris is a massage therapist (remedial & prenatal) and became a baby massage instructor  (CIMI- certified infant massage instructor) with IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) in 2008. Since that time Jo has been teaching baby massage classes as weekly classes and workshops. Jo also completed a baby yoga course with Birthlight in 2011 and since then has been integrating baby yoga moves into the baby massage class.


Mama Meditation classes

Baby massage is an ancient practise which has been routinely practised in many traditional cultures. For many Eastern cultures baby massage is a normal and daily part of a new baby’s life, for example, in India and it has benefits not only for the baby but also for the parent or caregiver who is giving the massage.



Previous Workshops

Spinning Babies Melbourne workshop

Registrations now open for Monday the 14th of August 2017

Sunday, 13th August 2017 ******SOLD OUT****



Are you a doula, midwife, childbirth educator, pregnancy massage therapist or other health care professional that works hands on with pregnant clients? Would you like to learn more practical and evidence based tools and techniques to teach or prepare women during their pregnancy for an easier labour and birth?


Spinning Babies is recognised globally as the “go to” organisation when a baby is not in optimum position or a labour is long or has stalled.


Spinning Babies integrates the art and science of giving birth to give the mother a smooth birthing experience. This knowledge gives health care providers a well-rounded understanding of all the pieces that come into play—like pelvic tone and symmetry—when a baby is making his or her way into the world.


It’s not all about dilation; it’s about the baby’s specific point of view and the obstacles that can be encountered during birth.

In this course, you will learn how the fascia, ligaments, and pelvis work together to bring baby into an ideal position. The Three Principles of Balance, Gravity, and Movement will help you understand the role each part of a woman’s anatomy plays in birth and delivery. Specific methods will be provided for changing posterior position and reducing breech and transverse lie, thereby reducing the need for a cesarean delivery.


When labor stalls, there are often distinct reasons for the hold-up.


Understanding baby’s location at every point will help you to remove the indicated obstacles through the three principles. Labor can progress naturally through optimal fetal positioning.


Spinning Babies will revolutionise the work of doulas and midwives and is valuable for anyone who works with pregnant women. Osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nurses and yoga instructors can especially benefit from Spinning Babies as it presents birth as a complete picture, with all parts of the body working together to birth seamlessly.


When provided with this information during her pregnancy, a woman can add the appropriate elements into her regime to prepare her body physically for an ideal delivery.


The trainer Ginny Phang is from Singapore and has been a Spinning Babies approved trainer since 2015.


Here is a video that Ginny has put together on what you can expect to get out of the workshop:



Workshop details are as follows:


Sunday, 13th of August 2017  *****SOLLD OUT****

Monday 14th August 2017 registrations are now open.


Registration is from 8:30am and the workshop will start at 9am SHARP and concludes at 5:30pm.


Ginny Phang


13th August 2017: Melbourne Centre for Mindfulness: 16 Trinity Pl, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia.

14th August 2017: Melbourne Centre for Mindfulness: 16 Trinity Pl, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia.


Important info on Parking:

If you are coming by car you will need to be aware of parking restrictions in the area. The west side of Clarendon Street (next to the gardens) is unmetered and unrestricted on Sundays. The same applies on the north and west sides of Fitzroy gardens i.e. in Albert St and Lansdowne St and on the south side of the gardens in Wellington Parade. DO NOT park in Hotham or George Streets as these are restricted to one hour until 11pm. City of Melbourne parking officers work all hours of the day and night! There is a football game on the the MCG on Sunday August 13 so be sure to arrive in plenty of time to park as football staff do arrive early – for example if you need to park up in Albert Street or Lansdowne it will take you a bit longer to walk across to MCFM. There is a carpark in Grey Street opposite St Vincent’s East Melbourne.  There is also a car park in Albert St near the Eye and Ear Hospital.

Public transport is plentiful:

Trains to Parliament Station and Jolimont Station.

Trams in Wellington Parade and Victoria Parade


To confirm your place full payment is required.
$335 including GST and Pay Pal Booking fee
$325 Including GST for Direct deposit


Workshop includes tea / coffee on arrival, morning tea, afternoon tea. Please bring your own lunch.


We are strictly limited to 35 people. Full payment is required to confirm your place. NOTE this is a non refundable event. If you can not make it your welcome to find someone to take your place. Nurtured Birth will do their best to try and assist you, however there is no guarantee.


This is an Australian College of Midwives CPD recognised activity, 7.5 CPD hours.


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For enquiries call workshop Sponsor: Sarah Goldberg from Nurtured Birth Pty Ltd. 0401 083 778